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About KopyKats

KopyKats Productions started its operations from Islamabad during the golden period of amateur theatre by Dawar Mehmood. The young dynamic and determined actor, director and producer setup KopyKats Productions as the first-of-its-kind original Urdu theatre company and reach instant fame with their first play ‘COME AGAIN’.

The instant hit ‘COME AGAIN’ which has played thrice in Islamabad and once in Karachi is also the First prize winner of the National Drama Festival at PNCA (2009). The success of this ‘original bilingual’ helped create the grounds for the revival of commercial Urdu theatre and break the stereotype most audiences had towards Urdu theatre

KopyKats has a portfolio of successful theatrical productions that includes:

Accidental Death of An Anarchist
Flight 420
We All Fall Down
May I Kill You?
Act 144
An Idiot's Legacy
and Pawney 14 August


The company's philosophy remains ‘not to copy’, but ‘to create’… and create a unique product for theatre lovers.